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Hello all, we are here in love and memory of our dear Empress Fatima Marry Martin. Our baby was a terrific manga artist, always searching to find her ideal style. She had dreamt of drawing art professionally before tragedy struck. Our baby girl passed in a house fire after singlehandedly saving her family. In her honor, we will carry on and make her dream a reality.

This go fund is meant not only to pay for our hero's funeral but also to pay for what will become her posthumous art release. We will be using all funds after the funeral is covered for the full production, publication, and release of her art book. Our 13-year-old hero's wish will live on in her place and stay in both her work and our hearts. No matter what, Empress will get her dream and be known for her passion and work.


If you liked "Poetic Signature" you'll love the deluxe edition. Not only is there new cover art that stays true to what the title represents (the collection of teenage thoughts and experiences), but you will recieve 40 plus new poems spanning from the young adult perpective. Everything from topics such as love and loss, to discussions of self worth and oppression. "Poetic Signature: The Deluxe Edition" is a treat for all ages with it's classic directness and rhythmic expression. OUT NOW!

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Herbal Tea

Meditation Tea

Here is the first of our natural tea selection. This particular blend is a mixture of several different herbal teas, known to help with meditation and lucid dreaming.


Authentic Crystal Apparel

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Resilient Optimistic Yes

Roy T Martin's journey into the literary world started in the third grade where he'd compete against his brother to see who could create better storlines. From there he would continue to conjure up countless stories from historical fiction to romances. It wasn't until his junior year in high school he decided to pick up poetry where he could better process and express his person feelings and thoughts. After publishing some of his works through Wattpad and Instagram he would go on to publish his first official piece of literature "Poetic Signature". Currently he's in the process of writing his first ever light novel. Get in touch if you’ve got any comments, questions, suggestions, or just want to say hello. He would be more than happy to hear from you.


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