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Soap Store

For the clean & serene


Sage Soap

Sage is a natural mood enhancer and spiritual cleanser, also proven to provide hydration while improving overall skin health.


Sandlewood Soap

Sandlewood is adept in promoting calmness and has been used to treat minor  skin ailments for generations.


Camphor Soap

Camphor is renown for it's ability to rejuvenate the senses and provide some freedom from the woes of life.


Florida Water Soap

Florida water is cruicial for the removal of spiritual impurities, while providing a tantalizing aroma.


7 African Powers Soap

A must have not only for it's unique look, but also for it's spiritual properties. Known to be a harbinger of prosperity and good health.


7 African Powers + Myrrh Soap

You can't go wrong with a combination like prosperity and good health. Now with the added effects of myrrh, an advocate of heightened spritual awareness.

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